Fly fishing is artificial angling method where you use an artificial “fly” to catch fish. When fishing, you fly a cast using a reel, specialized weighted line and fly rod. When casting a weightless fly or a “lure” you must know the casting techniques that are significantly different from the common forms of casting. Most of the fly fishermen often use hand tied flies, which resemble baitfish, natural invertebrates, and other food organisms when “luring” to provoke fish making them to bite the fly.

what is fly fishing
A fly fisherman active fly fishing in a river. Isn’t that awesome?

You can do fly fishing either in fresh or even salt water. Most people often use it when distinguishing in fishing in freshwater especially on cold-water species such as trout, salmon, and steelhead. When you do understand what to do, you will know what will best for you especially when looking for these best fishing methods. Techniques for the fly fishing often depends on habitat (small streams, lakes and ponds, estuaries, large rivers, bays and even Open Ocean).

Image Source from Fly Fishing Wikipedia Page